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10 Pack 5mm Nap Microfibre Rollers 100mm Length

10 Pack 5mm Nap Microfibre Rollers 100mm Length

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Our Mini Microfibre 5mm NAP/Pile rollers are designed to provide you with the smoothest finish imaginable. And did we mention it’s perfect for water-based paints? When starting a new project remember that the type of painting job determines the NAP/Pile you will need – for a finer finish stick to shorter NAPS. This will allow you to transform your home and upcycle while saving your money and the earth. (And why not achieve a spray-like finish while you’re at it? Europe’s most prestigious painters use our 5mm mini rollers. The 5mm microfibre holds just enough paint to make your project a breeze and has been developed to prevent splattering.

Perfect for water-based paints


  • Perfect for water-based paints. Recommended for primers and topcoats.
  • Ideal for doors, trims, cupboards, furniture, smooth surfaces.
  • Spray-like finish, excellent paint pick up and release, no need to lay off, excellent coverage.
  • NAP/Pile: 5mm | 1/4″
  • Sizes: 100mm | 4″