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Painting Metal With Vintage Bird Mineral Paint

Anybody who knows me knows just how much I love decorating on a budget. I find it satisfying transforming something boring into something special that can be repurposed and cherished for many more years. I also love a good Kmart hack! Lets face it, there is so much in that store that is cheap and easy to transform with a lick of paint! In this blog, I share with you how I transformed a $2.25 mini bucket into a sweet piece of decor for my daughters bedroom.

This is the bucket below. It was super glossy. As you can see it’s nothing special right?

 There are a few important things to keep in mind whenever you are painting non porous surfaces such as metal, plastic or laminate. Firstly you need to ensure your piece is super clean. A good clean with sugar soap will rid the surface of dirt, grime and so on. This bucket was clean already, so I skipped this step. The next important thing is to give your surface a quick scuff sand with a fine to medium grade sandpaper. 180-220 grit is perfect. Give it a good rough up all over. This step gives the surface some grip for the next step. Once you have sanded the surface, give it a wipe over with a damp watered down cloth to remove any debris.


To ensure optimum adhesion, I then applied 2 thin coats of Bird's Special Bond (BSB) using a synthetic bristle brush. This product works wonders! BSB is a grip primer that ensures superior adhesion to slippery and glossy surfaces, therefore making difficult areas less difficult to paint. You can also add BSB into your first coat. 2 light coats of priming was sufficient in this case. Apply it over the entire piece. It goes on white, but dries clear. 


Once completely dry after a couple of hours, I could feel the difference on the metal. It basically rids the surfaces of that glossy finish adding surface tack for the paint to adhere to. It feels matte and slightly rough to touch.

I was then ready to start applying my paint!

I painted two coats of the colour "Annabelle", a subtle dusty pink using my Cling On! synthetic bristle brush. Being a self levelling paint, Vintage Bird Mineral paint is a breeze to work with, creating minimal brush strokes. I finally finished the little bucket with a DIY printed image transfer of a sweet little bunny that was given to me by a painting friend. Isn't it super cute! 


 I hope I’ve inspired you to get creative with Vintage Bird Mineral Paint. It really is THAT easy to use, even on the most trickiest of surfaces!

Happy Painting!