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Milk Painting: It’s all in the Mix!


Milk Paint has been around for centuries and is one of the oldest paints on the market. Traditionally, it was used in cave paintings. Milk Paint comes in powdered form, and when mixed with water in a 1:1 ratio, it becomes a silky smooth paint mixture. Most people are afraid of using Milk Paint because of this fear associated with mixing it. Rest assured, if you can make a cup of hot chocolate, you can most certainly mix Milk Paint! There are a few tips and tricks I am going to share with you to create the most silky smooth paint mixture.

Tools needed for Mixing Milk Paint

* Milk Paint Powder
* Clear plastic cup
* Milk Paint Whisk
* Warm Water
* Ice cream/popsicle stick

Mixing with a milk paint whisk:

Just like mixing up a batch of grandmas famous hummingbird cake recipe, a Milk Paint whisk gives you total control of your mixture. Some people use mason jars and shake, or a fancy electric mixer to mix their Milk Paint mixture. Personally, I find my mini whisk really helps to create an ultra smooth constancy that I have full control over. The good thing to using Milk Paint, is that there is no fancy equipment needed to mix it!

My first and foremost tip is to use WARM water as I find it helps best to dissolve the powder and create a smooth mixture. People might tell you to put your water in first then add powder, however I do the opposite. Think of mixing gravy or cornflour for example; I always add my Milk Paint powder first. I always add 1 Part Milk Paint to 1 Part Water to create the consistency of pouring cream into a clear plastic cup. Drizzle by drizzle, I slowly add my warm water to my powder mix. Using my Milk Paint Whisk, a slowly whisk my mixture removing all the clumps until smooth. I also use my ice cream/ popsicle stick to scrape the sides of my cup or bowl to mix the powder evenly into the mixture. I continue adding my water until my mixture becomes smooth and creamy like.

Tips of the trade:

* Do not over whisk or whisk fast, as this will introduce air bubbles/froth. While this is harmless, it is more of a pain to then have to wait for the froth to settle!
* The MOST important thing to using milk paint is to leave your mixture for 20-30 minutes. Grab a cuppa and relax and let the Milk Paint work its magic! This allows the Milk Paint mixture to develop all the colour pigments and for the mixture to thicken.
* Keep your mini whisk in your paint mix while painting, you want to continue to whisk every 5 minutes or so, to ensure the pigments don't settle on the bottom causing separation.
* Use gloves when mixing bright or dark colours/pigments as the highly pigmented powder can stain your fingers.
* In between coats, place cling wrap over your mix to avoid a skin film forming on your paint.
* Mixed Milk Paint keeps for 24 hours provided it is stored in the fridge.

Well there you have it! My complete guide to mixing Milk Paint!

Happy Painting!
Meg x