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Layering Chalk Paint The Easy Way

Anyone who loves flipping furniture loves a good bargain right? When I purchased this sweet little solid timber dresser online, I could see past it's scrappy appeal and knew it had potential! I've restored a few pieces dated back to the 1900's and looking at its shape I was sure this piece was in this era with lots of history. It's hard to find well built timber pieces these days with original dove tail joinery and these historical pieces are solid and built to last for generations. I had nothing to lose! This piece as you can see below was already painted a dark grey by its previous owner. Most people would probably walk away thinking it is too much work stripping back paint right? Wrong! This piece is the PERFECT piece to paint over layering multiple colours. Trust me!

Where the magic happens....

After prepping my piece and a few lattes later, I was able to come up with a vision for this piece. I wanted to take it back to yesteryear where it looked well loved but with a touch of country appeal. I wanted multiple layers of colours. I began by painting
using chalk paint from Artisan Paint Company; the colours Fleur, Mocha, Creme Brulee and Travertine.

If you happen to score a piece that's already painted and you want "natural timber" to show through, any chocolate colour will fool anyone! I painted a base coat of Artisan Mocha the closest to chocolate in their range to create a faux natural wood colour.

Once this layer dried I painted Fleur a gorgeous pink all over the entire piece leaving sections where Mocha would show through to look like natural distressing occurred and of course saving my time!

The next step was to add Creme Brulee to soften the pink and add a more vintage appeal. I applied this layer as a colour wash. I used a damp cloth to wipe off paint where I wanted natural distressing to occur to appear as though its had many years of use.

The next step I dry brushed a layer of travertine to soften the final outlay and bring a more feminine vintage appeal to the piece. As a final step I sealed the whole piece with clear wax from Artisan Paint Company. It has a lovely pear scent!

To finish, I added some pine knobs from my stash that I painted in white. I then applied rub on knob transfers in french script by Redesign With Prima. This is such an inexpensive way of giving your piece a personal touch using old knobs rather than buying new. Winning!

And there you have it in all its glory! The whole piece was completed from start to finish in a weekend!

Happy Painting!

Xx Meg xX