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How to layer colours with Milk Paint

Milk paint can be used in so many ways to achieve some beautiful effects. It is one of my favourite paint mediums to use! You've seen my previous blogs on how to mix Milk Paint and how to achieve that gorgeous chippy effect Milk Paint is famous for. This blog takes Milk Painting to the next level with a gorgeous washed effect.

I absolutely love how this piece came out! That stunning Silky oak showing through really highlights its natural beauty!

To achieve this look I layered the Milk Paint. 

For this Vintage Dresser, mixed a base coat using a custom blend of Misty and Miss Me Mint with some bonding agent added to achieve a more solid coverage.


I painted the base coat over the entire piece, except the drawers. Once completely dried, I sanded the whole piece smooth using 220 grit sandpaper and lightly distressed the edges for an aged look. 

Next, I mixed White Gauze as a "colour wash". This mixture consists of 1 Part Paint powder to 2 parts water to achieve a slightly watered down mixture. I then applied the White Gauze Wash by painting in sections and wiping it away almost immediately, to achieve a white washed appearance over the base coat. 

Once this layer was completely dried, I gave the whole piece a sand with 400 grit sand paper to smooth it all out prior to sealing. I then sealed the entire piece with Artisan Clear Wax. It really tones the base coat down and creates this stunning effect!

The drawer fronts I left untouched, as they were in excellent condition. To highlight that gorgeous silky oak grain, I sealed them with Artisan White Wax and buffed them to give a lovely sheen. 

I'm really happy with how the whole piece turned out and I hope this has inspired you to get creative with Milk Paint!

Happy Painting!

Meg xx