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How to add texture to furniture & home decor~ My simple Kmart hack

I’m seeing lots of Pinterest inspiration out there and love the new look textured pieces! It’s sooo on trend right now with earthy vibes. 

For years I just assumed you had to spend a fortune to purchase these items but little did I know that there a certainly products on the market to get that look yourself for the fraction of the cost. So here I am sharing my technique with you so you can enjoy home decor that not only looks AMAZING but also costs very little!

First things first…

Materials required:

  • Kmart Anko Oak look tables set of 2
  • 120 grit sandpaper
  • Chux cloths
  • Plastic spoon
  • Cling On! Synthetic Bristle Paint Brush or Roller
  • Artisan Natural Bristle Brush Large Round Head
  • Artisan Quick Prep Primer
  • Artisan Salt Impasto (Launching Soon!)
  • Artisan Mineral Paint in the colour ‘Cotton’ the whitest of whites or any colour of your choice

Here is a photo of the Kmart Tables Before…these cost $52 for the pair and are are extremely light to carry.

Step 1) My personal experience with these are to not paint anything on these without any sanding! My first set I trialed just applying Quick Grip alone and I found the paint was beading off. It appears they have some sort of finish, perhaps similar to silicone preventing adhesion even the toughest of them all; Quick Grip! Therefore grab your 120 grit sandpaper and give them a good scuff to de-gloss and create tooth for the next step.

Step 2) Artisan Quick Prep is my go to for added reassurance as a grip primer when using Mineral Paint. It makes stubborn slick glossy surfaces easy to paint giving adhesion to those areas. It also acts as an undercoat for whites too meaning less coats of white paint over the top. Winning! Using either a Cling On! brush or roller, apply the Quick Prep. It doesn’t have to be perfect as you will be applying texture over the top. Apply two coats of the Quick Prep because you’ll find as I did, some spots you may have missed when sanding that need reinforcement. Allow at least two hours dry time between coats. Even better, leave over night if you can. Here’s a picture of Quick Prep for your reference. 

Step 3) Once Quick Prep has thoroughly dried mix the Salt Impasto with the Cotton colour Mineral Paint or any colour you want really. The ratio is 1 part Impasto to 2 parts paint giving you a butter cream icing mix equivalent. Leave some lumps, you want lots of earthy texture to achieve this look. Use a plastic spoon to mix this. Again, here’s a photo of my mixture for your reference. 

Step 4) Using a natural bristle brush, I personally prefer a nice big round head brush to apply your impasto mix by dabbing it on so you have little stipple peaks. Do this over the entire surface then leave to dry overnight. Natural Bristle is preferred as I find they give more texture over synthetic bristles. Make sure you clean your brush immediately after use so you don’t ruin it. This stuff sets hard!

Step 5) Once dry, I then go over the texture once more with just Cotton Mineral Paint alone as you may have some areas that require more coverage. If you want more texture, you could put another layer of the texture then finish with Mineral Paint again for durability. 

Ta Da! You have your own finished masterpiece! 

Feel free to send me some photos and share your finished piece as I’d love to see! Here’s my finished piece all glammed up.

Enjoy! Meg xx