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How to achieve the perfect crisp lines: My Vintage Dresser Makeover

Shabby Chic is such a beautiful and classic girls bedroom style these days. I have been on holidays and my main mission was to sort out the girls bedrooms and finally complete their furniture.  Their room is filled with pinks, gold, whites and florals. I recently completed a Queen Anne Style dresser. I absolutely love how it came up! 

This dresser was painted in "Annabelle" and "Sea Shell" from the Vintage Bird Mineral Paint range. It sings Shabby Chic all over with its crisp lines, distressed edges and floral transfers on the knobs. 

I remember always attempting to achieve crisp stripes and them turning into a blotchy mess. It wasn't until I discovered this technique that from then onwards gave me the perfect crisp lines.  In this blog, I share with you my steps to achieving those perfect crisp lines when wanting to create a striped effect to your furniture.

Equipment Needed:

  • Frog Painters Tape
  • Cling on! O35 Synthetic bristle brush
  • Paint of choice in multiple colours

Step 1- Whenever you are wanting to paint your furniture with a stripe effect, you need to paint the surface with a base coat of the colour you choose to showcase more predominantly. For this piece "Annabelle" a soft dusty pink was the colour I wanted to pop and shine on this piece. Once that base coat is completely dry, apply your Frog Painters Tape measuring the spaces for your lines. 

Step 2- This step is really important. Once your Frog Painters tape is applied, you need to reapply the same colour you used as your base coat. Why you ask? This creates an air lock between the tape and the surface you want your lines painted on. This air lock is essential to prevent bleed through of the alternate colour/s you will be using later on to create your stripes. 

Step 3- Once your paint is dry, you can then paint your alternative colour/s you wish to use as stripe detail. For this dresser, I chose "Sea Shell" a lovely antique white. It complements the dusty pink perfectly. I applied 2 coats for good coverage allowing full dry time between coats. 

Step 4- Once I completed applying the second coat of Sea Shell, and while it was still wet, I slowly removed the Frog tape. Removing the frog tape while the last layer of paint is still wet helps prevent pulling up and tearing your paint.

Step 5- Once all my stripes were completely dry, I lightly distressed the edges to bring in a time worn effect to replicate a shabby chic style. 

I applied the stripes on the top drawer front and kept the original drawer pulls to give a bit of a statement. I also applied stripes to the sides of the dresser to tie everything in together. I finished off the piece by applying gold gilding wax to the original drawer pulls and adding some rub on knob transfers to the bottom 3 drawer knobs to give some floral detail. 

I absolutely love how it all came together. It fits the brief of "Shabby Chic" perfectly don't you think? I hope this blog has inspired you to get creative and take your painting to the next level with some added stripe detail.

Happy Painting!

Meg x