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Five Reasons To Try Vintage Bird Mineral Paint!

So you've heard about Mineral Paint in the painting world and you're wondering why its so popular? You've seen some amazing projects on social media and asking yourself why should I choose it over other paints? Why Vintage Bird Mineral Paint? Well this blog gives an outline about Vintage Bird Mineral Paint and my top reasons why it should be on your bucket list of furniture paints to try!

Firstly What is Vintage Bird Mineral Paint?

Vintage Bird Mineral Paint is a decorative furniture paint that is made of a 100% acrylic base and finely ground earth minerals and clay. It dries to a chalky matte finish, but is not a chalk paint. It can be shabbied up as you do with Chalk Paints or used to create a sleek modern finish. You must be asking yourself how does Mineral Paint differ from your average paint you can buy at the local hardware shop if its not chalk paint? Well let me tell you, it is not your average paint that you buy at the hardware store. It is unlike any other furniture paints on the market. The carefully selected blend of mineral pigments added to its formula give it superior adhesion and a long lasting durable finish suitable for furniture painting. The blend of minerals and clay also give it superior coverage. It has 40 amazing colours to choose from, from bold to earthy and beautiful. Have I convinced you yet? Here are my top 5 reasons why you should try it!

Minimal Prepping involved

There is no such thing as no prep paint. Prep for Mineral Paint is similar to Chalk Paint. Generally a quick scuff sand is all that's required, then away you go! Ultra glossy surfaces such as metal, glass & laminate can be painted with Mineral Paint by priming with a bonding agent such as BSB (Birds Special Bond) or by adding BSB into your first coat. There's really not much to it!

Zero/Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Vintage Bird Mineral Paint is Australian made and meets Australian standards. According to Australian Standards, a Zero/Low VOC is as good as you'll get to finding a paint that is free of those nasty chemicals that you can find in some paints on the market. This means you can paint your heart out in and around your home and alongside your children without stressing about chemicals causing problems in the household. It is also virtually odourless meaning it can be enjoyable to paint with indoors without harmful paint fumes. Winning!

Self Sealing

What? A paint that seals itself? Yes! You read it right, because Mineral Paint contains a 100 % acrylic base, this essentially gives an "inbuilt top coat" so to speak. That means no sealing such as waxing, oiling and so forth. Unless, of course you desire! In some instances by sealing with wax or hemp oil, it can really add depth to your colour. You may decide you want added protection on pieces to be used in high traffic areas, and therefore seal with a polyacrylic sealer. Once Mineral Paint is dried, it dries rock hard.

Cures in 10-14 days

Vintage Bird Mineral Paint does NOT require a lengthy time to cure unlike other brands of Mineral Paint. It is manufactured in Australia designed for Australian climates. It is self levelling, and fast drying being touch dry in 2 hours and has a cure time of 10-14 days. Because it is made from a high quality acrylic base, contains no added resin and is filled with an added blend of selected earth minerals, this allows for a faster cure time without compromising the finish. With a fast cure time, added to the ease of its use, this means quicker completion and use of your newly painted masterpiece!

Exceptional coverage

Vintage Bird Mineral Paint is highly pigmented with minerals giving it a beautiful depth of colour and exceptional coverage. A 500ml botte of paint in most cases covers 8-10 square metres. It gives a lovely matte, creamy smooth finish.

Well there you have it. That summarises my take on Vintage Bird Mineral Paint. It’s should not be a matter of why but WHEN you try it!

Happy Painting!
Meg xx